Hello World!

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Hello World!
My name is Katie Lauren, Welcome to my Blog! 
I used to run a, now deleted, blog called 'Kat Chats xo' , and you may be wondering 'Why did she delete her old blog? Why start a brand new blog?' 
Well, the reason I decided to start a brand new blog, is, simply because, I completely lost interest in the blogging world for a while due to being under pressure at work. I felt that I didn't have the time or motivation to sit down and write a blog post. I also lost interest in my blogging name too and felt really bored with it. 
So, if you did read my old blog, and enjoyed the content on there, you will be pleased to know that I will be creating similar content to what was on there. I'll be blogging all things, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Baking, Books, Music, Movies, Disney, Travel, Confidence, Harry Potter and Life in general. 
I promise to have much better quality content that I had on my previous blogs. 

What do I hope to achieve from this blog? 
Well I hope to achieve the opportunity to connect with as many of you as possible, to share my experiences with you and to make a ton of new friends. I want to get to know you guys, so I will be asking questions at the end of each post. 

It would mean a lot if you followed me on my social media which I will link below. I'm still in the process of working on my blog layout, and scheduling so you will have to bare with me.

Also it would mean a lot if you followed me on Bloglovin as well: <a href="https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/18993705/?claim=btknvn5f7ay">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

I hope you all stick with me on the brand new blogging journey. 




EMAIL ME: Katie.LKLXO@hotmail.com


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