My 22nd Birthday weekend!!!

Lat weekend, aka the 11th-13th August 2017 was a very special weekend as it was my 22nd Birthday weekend. I had the best time with my friends and family. I was planning on uploading this earlier than I am, however, I will be honest, I completely forgot to write it...oops. Unfortunately I barely took any photos from the weekend so it's going to be a ramble-y, diary post. I hope this is okay.

Friday 11th August
TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! As of 10.08am this morning I turned 22. Mum came in my room, casually waking me up with 'The Phantom of the Opera' theme tune like she usually does, and wished me happy birthday. Today we were heading to Manchester as we were staying over night. Once I was ready for the day,we went to McDonald's and had a naughty birthday breakfast. We did a little bit of shopping in town (Hello Superdrug...Hello Zoella Beauty products) then caught the 11.30 train into Manchester. Once in Manchester we made our way to our hotel, which was just round the corner from Piccadilly Gardens. We were staying in the IBIS Styles Portand Street, which had a cute and quirky weather theme throughout the hotel. After checking in and getting settled, we went to the Printworks to locate Frankie &Benny's, where my birthday meal was taking place, then did a little bit of shopping, then headed back to chill in the room and get ready. I spoke to my Dad and my Uncle on the phone before getting ready which was nice. I then spent the remaining time getting ready and doing my mum's and my makeup and hair. We then headed to Frankie & Benny's where we met up with my Auntie and Uncle. We had a lovely meal there, then Mum and I said goodbye to my family and headed back to the hotel where we had a few drinks in the Jamboree Bar. I may or may not have had a few cocktails. I think we went to bed around 1am. I had the best time.

Saturday 12th August
I am not going to lie, I had a hangover, and felt like absolute crap. But I had a brilliant birthday. Mum and I had a hot drink in the room before showering and getting ready for the day. we also packed our overnight bags as we were leaving Manchester today and headed down for breakfast. Breakfast was Continental style with Cereals, Pastries, Toast, Ham, Cheese, Yoghurt etc. I decided to go for a couple of Ham and Cheese Croissants, a cup of tea and a glass of Apple Juice which was lovely. we then went back to the room and grabbed our bags, making sure we had everything we brought with us, before checking out. We were able to leave our bags in the hotel whilst we did some shopping. We went in to Wilko's, Superdrug, Lindt, primark and Waterstones before heading back to the hotel and grabbing our bags, making our way to the station to catch the train home. Once home we dropped off our bags, we headed into town to have a nosy round the Artisan Market. I bought some Crumbly Sea Salt Fudge from one of the stalls. The rest of the ay was a chilled one,watching Season 5B of my favourite show Teen Wolf.

Sunday 13th August
Today was a chilled day. Mum made a Fry up consisting of fried eggs, hash browns, pork and apple sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. We watched Harry Potter ad the Philosopher's stone, then got ready for the day. I went for leggings, a tank top, and a sweatshirt with my new snake print sneakers. We then met up with our friends Chris and Chloe for a major catch up at Costa. It was good to see them for a couple of hours. Chloe and I are celebrating 17 years of friendship this year. We met back in primary school as both of our mum's were on the school PTA. She is the bestest friend I could ask for, She's my absolute rock and were honestly more like sisters/twins than best friends (Love you millions, Chlo). In the evening we watched another harry potter film and had a chinese takeaway for tea.

That's it for this post. I honestly had the best birthday weekend ever. I want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes, for all my presents too as I've been well and truly spoiled. I also want to thank everyone who spent this weekend with me and those who i spoke to on the phone. Mum, Gaynor, Graham, Chris, Chloe, Uncle Neil and Dad. THANKYOU!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

If you would like to see a mini haul of some of the things that I bought on my birthday weekend then please let me know either in te comments below or on twitter.

Hope you all have an awesome week, I'll be back soon with another blog post. 





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