The Disney Tag!

I am a massive Disney fan. I've seen a lot to Disney movies, and I've been to Walt Disney World Florida and Disneyland Paris. I don't know what it is, but there is something about Disney which makes me very happy. I was doing a bit of googling and found some questions that formed 'The Disney Tag. I challenge any Disney fan to do this tag, as I had fun answering these's going to be a ramble-y post today so I suggest grabbing a cup of tea and some biscuits before reading...let's get started...

 The Disney Tag

  1. Favorite Animal - Lucifer from Cinderella as he's basically the cat from Hell, or Hei Hei from Moana as Alan Tudyk who voices him is brilliant - I never fail to crack up laughing when he's on screen., or Marie from the Aristocats as she's super sassy!
  2. Favorite Character - I can't really pick just one character, there are too many...Moana, Merida, Lucifer, Hei Hei, Marie from Aristocats or Mal from Descendants
  3. Favorite Classic - Bambi, simply because its such a sweet yet emotional movie 
  4. Favorite Hero - If he counts as a Hero, Stitch, because he saves Lilo 
  5. Favorite Heroine - Merida, as she proves that you don't need a man to be happy
  6. Favorite Kiss - Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder/ Eugene Fitzherbert - its too cute!!
  7. Favorite Love Song - I see the light from of the sweetest love songs/scenes in the movie and one of my favourite Disney songs 
  8. Favorite Original Character- Marie from The Aristocats , just because she's super sassy and adorable!
  9. Favorite Pixar Film - Brave
  10. Favorite Prince - Price Eric from The Little Mermaid *heart eyes emoji*
  11. Favorite Princess- Belle, Beauty and the Beast
  12. Favorite Quote - ' Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them' - Marie, The Aristocats
  13. Favorite Sequel - Probably the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
  14. Favorite Sidekick - Hei Hei from Moana or Olaf from Frozen 
  15. Favorite Song - ' How far I'll go' from Moana
  16. Favorite Theme Attraction - Splash Mountain, It's a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean
  17. Favorite Theme Park - Disneyland Paris / Magic Kingdom, Orlando 
  18. Favorite Theme Park Show - I love all of the ones I have seen, my favourite has to be the Lion King show from when I last went to Florida in 2005
  19. Favorite Villain - Scar from The Lion King 
  20. Favorite Villain Song - 'Be Prepared' from The Lion King 
  21. Least Favorite Pixar Film - Cars
  22. Least Favorite Song - ' My Lullaby' from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
  23. Movie That Makes You Cry - Most Disney films have at least one scene that makes me tear up
  24. Movie That Makes You Laugh - Moana...because of Hei Hei 
  25. Overrated Movie - Frozen
  26. Saddest Death - Mufasa's in The Lion King
  27. Song that always gets stuck in your head - You're Welcome from Moana
  28. The First Movie You Saw - I think it was Cinderella when I was about five, then The Lion King
  29. The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie - Mufasa's death in The Lion King
  30. Underrated Movie - The Aristocats
That's it for this blog post, I hope you all enjoyed it. I will be back this weekend with a beauty haul. Be sure to connect with me on all my social media's which I'll link below. Also if you do, complete this tag, please leave the links to your posts below, I'd love to read your answers. 





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