Where the HELL have I been?

Hello Readers!

Bloody hell...its been a while hasn't it? I guess I should explain where the hell I've been and why I haven't been a very good blogger recently.

First reason..which thank god has now been resolved is that I have had no phone for the last month and a half. Why you lovely readers may ask? I have had no phone because I'm an absolute idiot, and shattered my phone screen a while ago, then threw the TV remote onto the couch and accidentally hitting my phone which cause the screen to go green, then purple then blue and then black with LCD liquid leaking out of the cracks. I know...you're all thinking what an absolute idiot. I rely on my phone for the camera and to post on social media and without one, I have unfortunately not been able to post unless I was using a computer. But..said phone issue has now been resolved...I HAVE A PHONE *cheers dramatically* I'll be able to post more on social media, and take photos for the blog too.

The Second reason is, and I'm going to be completely and truthfully honest with you all...I lost my blogging mojo completely. I just didn't feel motivated to post, I felt like all my content was really shit, I hated the idea of blogging, and I felt like every time I sat down to write something, I either couldn't or I felt that what I wrote wasn't of the quality and standard that I wanted it to be. I felt like I couldn't put my true personality or heart into what I was writing about. Therefore, I turned to the two people that I trust with my life, my Mum and my best friend who said I should take a step back from my blog for a bit, take a break, and re-evaluate it. My mum read a couple of blog posts and pretty much told me I wasn't injecting my personality into it, I was trying to be like other bloggers, and not being myself. I'm so glad that I took a break from it, I feel now that I can create better content that you guys will enjoy.

So, from now on in terms of content, I will be more real with you guys, I'm sarcastic, Sassy, a little bit fiesty, and I do swear a little..oops...I'll tell you my honest opinions, share my passions and my obsession with all things Disney, and Music, my goals and my dream of running my own empire. I also really want to connect with you all more, so please leave a comment below and tell me about yourselves, a goal you're looking to reach this year (Mine is to lose a stone before my birthday in August), and what you'd like to see on this blog. I'd love to hear from you.




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